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I went back to Shibuya and the research that I did taught me that there are a few love hotels there. Again, when I arrived, I was amazed by too much beauty in the streets. I talked with 3 girls to help me find an ATM machine and later on how to find the street where one of the love hotels would be. I finally found it 30 minutes later. I booked a modern room with a typical styled Shibuya shopping girl. I was warned that the girl wouldn’t talk and that I didn’t even have to try. She would not reply. I had to take a shower and when I returned to the room, the girl was going to be ready for me. So that’s what I did and as professional as the Japanese are, this girl named Suri, was indeed waiting for me. She looked exactly like the girls you can see walking around in Shibuya, so I was excited the moment that I saw her. From what I understood, Japanese men like it when the girl is submissive and just lets the customer do everything. I think that’s what my girl was doing… doing nothing. She almost acted like I was a dirty old man touching her. Honestly, I didn’t mind it at all… so long as she would suck my dick and let me fuck her hard (+using my cam!). And that is what happened. She had the kind of skin that I really like. As soft as silk. I loved her ass and her pussy. It was really a great ( and expensive) fuck but I was happy and once I went home, I felt like a lucky man.

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