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After 2 days in Tokyo, it was time for some action. As I am not used to this culture yet, I am not going to bother talking to normal girls in the streets for now. I got an address, from a friend, to this kind of love-hotel where you can book a room with a girl. Everything is all included in the price and you are allowed to do everything you want, even filming!! It’s not cheap, I warn you, but I am here for my diary, so I went for it. I had to look around for 30 minutes before actually finding the place, as it is very hidden and I was not allowed to film in the building. So my clip starts when I am in the room already, waiting for the girl. I could choose from all types of girls ranging from schoolgirls to crazy outfits, western style and etc… I took a traditional and even got a kimono to wear. They asked me if I wanted dark skin, white skin, skinny, fat, etc… I said they could give me what they wanted. Once in the room, I turned my camera on and waited. There was some Japanese porn on tv and I saw that there was a girl preparing in the bathroom. She came in and I kind of liked her, even if she is probably not the cutest of this place, but it felt like the perfect start to my trip to Japan. She also had a red kimono and didn’t understand anything I was saying. She always said “hai”, which means “yes”, I think. Really funny, in fact. For sure, she did know how to take care of me. I started by touching her boobs and she immediately game me some (acted) noises (it’s in their culture) and she followed by giving me a real nice blowjob. I expected her pussy to be more hairy but of course, not all girls are like the ones you see in Japanese porn. It was a great fuck anyways and she screamed like a real Japanese pornstar and let me cum all over her face. I added my signature and left. I am now back in my room and I must say that I am really satisfied.

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